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Licensed Professionals and E&O

We offer Professional & General Liability to many types of professionals.

General Liability pays for any third party property damage or injury that a professional my be liable for. An example would be a customer slipping and falling on the wet floor at their barber's shop. Professional Liability, also known as Errors & Omission coverage, is not easily understood. Simply put, this type of coverage protects traditional professionals like architects or chiropractors against any errors or omissions that they make while providing their professional services. A breach of client confidentiality would fall under this category, as would failing to file your taxes on time by your accountant.

Some of the people & trades we work with are:

  • Architects/Engineers

  • Barbers & Hair Stylists

  • Beauticians/Cosmetologists

  • Bookkeepers

  • Business Consultants

  • Chiropracters

  • Education Consultants

  • Event planning/promotion

  • Graphic Design

  • Human Resources

  • IT Consulting

  • Legal Services

  • Life/Career/Executive Coaching

  • Management/Marketing consulting

  • Massage therapy

  • Mental health counseling

  • Personal training

  • Photography & Film Professionals

  • Property management

  • Physical Therapists

  • Real Estate Agent/Broker

  • Recruiting

  • Research Consulting

  • Social work services

  • Tax preparation

  • Technology services

  • Training

  • Translating/Interpreting

  • Travel Agency

  • Tutoring

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