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Photography, Drones, and Insurance

We understand the unique exposures of photographers and filmmakers. These professionals own delicate and expensive equipment that is highly prone to breakage, water damage, and theft. Many photo shoots take the photographers out of the controlled environment of their studio, and into precarious environs. Often times these professionals have to rent specialized equipment from camera shops, and the fine-lined rental contracts typically hold them liable for full reimbursement in case of damaged or lost equipment. This creates a huge exposure for some. A Red Raven camera kit can run $10,000, for starters. Moreover photographers and videographers are prone to claims of copyright infringement, failure to deliver agreed services, and actual or alleged negligence. We find that most professionals carry inadequate coverage for their professional liability and gear simply because such coverage is not available from the neighborhood insurance agent, and if at all available, it is not affordable. Additionally few insurance professionals understand this trade well enough to offer sound loss control and risk management advise.

Increasingly aerial drones are becoming a hot commodity in the photography and film making business. These semi-autonomous quadcopters create their own unique challenges. On one hand these machines are expensive, and create substantial liability exposure in the event of a crash, but at the same time very few insurance companies are willing to insure them. At least properly. Nothing short of an aviation policy can address all the risk factors.

We have solutions. For sole proprietors and small studios we can tailor a program that meets the demands of today's professional. We can cover general and professional liability in a neat package, and offer equipment coverage at very affordable premiums. Some of our drone liability programs start at under $1000/year. For larger operations we work with Lloyd's of London, and bring their expertise in property and casualty insurance to your coverage portfolio.

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