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Mother Nature & Losses

Depending on the geographic region that your property is located in, you may be faced with certain whims of mother nature. The perils of natural disasters like earthquakes, wind & hail, tornadoes, wild fires, or floods are a harsh reality for many property owners. We, as such, have teamed up with specialty insurance companies that provide coverage against these potentially devastating forces of nature.

Properties in the Midwest, for example, face a high probability of wind and hail damage. Most property insurance companies either exclude this peril, or impose very high deductibles that may be difficult to meet in the event of sever damage and loss of business. We have the solutions. We can 'buy back' your high deductibles down, or offer you coverage against excluded perils.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the fear of a major earthquake causing widespread destruction is very real. Even if your property is covered for earthquake, the actual damage may be due to a resulting landslide or surface water runoff. Landslide damage, in almost all cases, is not covered by standard insurance contract. We therefore offer bundled policies which cover not only earthquake damage, but any related or unrelated landslide or flooding damage to your property.